No..the caption itself carry a sattire becz actually there was no swing rather a fling with my career.Let me start from here…I did my schooling from a residential defence oriented school whose every step ensures their students turning into soldiers fighting their life for the country.I like others followed the mainstream and even qualified every criteria to be where everyone wanted me to be….but luck shows its devil face at the eleventh hour and I was thrown out of this race.I was a prince of my own kingdom and my humble parents decided to toss my value in outside world.No…I was never prepared for that but seeing their trust and confidence on me,I agreed.I realised this later that I was made the scapegoat of my own misery.I took the shortest preparation longing for the biggest aspiration for millions out there…yeah..gettin’ a seat for mbbs.My adrenaline shot up seeing the atmosphere and cut-throat competition here .I started adoring the sincerity my frnds here put in for their individual dreams.So I too joined the herd ,somersaulted myself with their routine,books became my pillow but again luck hit rock bottom as I was unaware of sb else in my room with its own mission.I recovered from dengue and seriously this took away my precious hour.Slowly picked up my pace when again I had to go for an interview where I couldn’t say no becz my past compelled me to go.Obviously returned empty-handed and regretted later for goin’ there.I became so numb even to my own instincts that I starting jumping from one road to another,filling up every form which fits my eligibility and suits my credibility.I think now and laugh at my idiocy and innocency.Procastination started influencing me more than my own determination.Nevertheless,I summed up my thoughts and did my most fast nd furious revision for the final mission.Now when I’m jolting down these things…my results r out…mission failed successfully..cheers!I agree that I was a rolling stone here but the world is still to see these beautiful curves on my back added on me in this journey.

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